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Here's more from our Lake Superior Circle Tour.

Whitefish Point


Two Harbors Light

Iroquois Point Light


Marquette Light

Big Bay Light

I can play this game for awhile. Any of you playing the Iron Butt lighthouse game? Chuck Berry at 79 years young who lives in Florida has 2 Golds and just got special recognition for doing 60 in 17 days in Atlantic Canada last summer. I need a good week to get on the board.

Cape Pine, most southerly point in Newfoundland
Spent last week in my favorite spot on the ocean, Long Beach, WA. Went down to see the lighthouses at the mouth of the Columbia near Astoria.

Here are Cape Disappointment and the North Head lighthouses.

Lighthouse 2.jpg

Lighthouse 1.jpg
Old and new lighthouses at Cape Spear, most easterly point in North America
Cape Spear again from the top of Signal Hill
Shelter Cove, California Lighthouse

Taken August 2017. Shelter Cove is a wonderfully quiet spot in California. The inn there is right on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We spent hours just watching the waves crash.Shelter Cove top to top.jpg