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Is there a phone adapter for the F750GS GPS mount?


New member
Does anyone make some kind of snap-in or bolt-on phone adapter for the stock GPS mount so that I can use a smartphone instead of the $600 GPS?
If you have the factory GPS prep installed, consider the factory phone cradle and the BMW Connected app as an alternative to a GPS. If you have the wheel on your left bar, it allows control of nav and music, as well as a nifty bike data panel right from the bar.

I have both a 590 and a 595 Garmin and this replaces them for my purposes pretty well. I'm not one of the folks that sits down, creates waypoints in Basecamp, loads them to a GPS and then follows the route. I'm mostly in the "how long to get to X" kind of thing or "can you get me home quickly" use model more than anything. Mostly, I like that I can control my music, aside from volume easily.

It might be the right solution for you. I think the cradle was like $250, but it charges your phone while you're using the cradle.
When I first got my 2018 R1200 GS in 2022, I purchased this adaptor. It fits into the BMW GPS cradle and fits a phone. However, phones have gotten larger and the cameras are more susceptive to vibration damage. My phone was several years old at the time and did fit; however, current phones are larger now, so I would double check to make sure it will fit. Also, I don't think the BMW GPS mount, nor the adaptor has vibration dampers, so if you go that route just be aware of it. Eventually, I went to a Zumo XT, since I didn't like the maps on my phone, but that's another story.

This is what I had


This one also came up, which appear similar, but has wireless charging (the one above requires you to plug in your phone for charging.


You can find both on Amazon and eBay.

Lastly, I make no comments good or bad regarding either of the sellers on Amazon or eBay.