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Heading from KC to central/northern Ohio for the first time. Any road suggestions?


New member
Trying to get a road trip together to go see the Air Force museum by Wright Patterson, then next day head up to the MAPS museum in North Canton. Any recommendations for roads around that area? I'm learning that SE Ohio has a ton of great roads, but just won't be able to get down to that area on this trip.
I was born just down the road from Canton (Dover). There are a number of very good roads to the south of Canton. OH93 from Beach City to West LaFayette is a great road. It's very rural with only a couple of small towns en route (i.e., Sugarcreek). As I recall, the pavement is in decent shape, also. Just watch out for horse/buggy combinations since you will be traversing Amish Country. You can actually take 93 all the way to I-70 near Zanesville.

Another favorite of mine in OH212. You can take it east from I-77 less than 20 miles south of Canton. This road runs out toward Atwood Lake. For a nice loop, take 212 east to OH39 at Sherrodsville. Then take 39 west to New Philadelphia and get on I-77 back north to Canton. There are any number of county roads in this part of Ohio, also. Not all are in terrific shape. But, from my experience, most are.

For a real treat...look for Beuhler's Markets. Go to their bakery and try their "cream sticks". Chase one down with a cup of fresh coffee. You'll thank me. Also, look for "Trail bologna". That's another treat unique to Ohio. It's made in Amish Country. Nice people in that part of the world. Enjoy!