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FOUR new BMW models

I was kinda hoping for “4 new seats”.....plush, ultra plush, the “800 miler” and the “you never have to get off version. :)
It will be interesting to see the final design of the F850RS.

When is EICMA?
From the TT thread-

New at EICMA 2019

EICMA is coming up in a couple of short weeks at Twisted Throttle will be
there, reporting back to you everything they find.

The new bikes set to be released look great this year, though BMW is being tight-lipped about what they'll have--check out what is coming this year in our blog
2019 EICMA Rumors

View attachment 75962

View attachment 75963

Check in as we report back from the world's largest motorcycle show in Milan, Italy!​​

F 850 rs

It is a chain drive! Saddlebags mount with electro magnets? COOL!:dance
I hope the wet weight is under 450 lbs.
Stay tuned!:lurk
It would be nice if they sold a S1000RS but I have a feeling the 2020 or 2021 XR will be very similar to the old XR but have the new engine.

Think of it this way

XR, ST and GT are synonyms of RS in the BMW language
Electromagnets??? The 850GS has a 10 Ah battery and a 416 W alternator.... we'll see about that...
And they want to lose weight? Not the way to get there; and this weight is likely high and to the rear.
Have to wonder if the bags will actually stay in place when they're "typically over-loaded"...
Everything we have heard doesn't suggest 850RS, more like 900XR.

When googling for pictures, some real photos seem to be a twin not a 4! It seems to have the std RS/XT panniers fixed...not as radical design as the show bike.