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C650gt ??

Hope so:)

They look neat and have more HP than my old AirheadR100. Getting a ride at the rally however is for the very early signers, so be aware of the crowds, be early for demo's. I like to see the new water cooled 1200 twin too. Randy:thumb
Right now i plan to leave NC. on Tuesday and hope my old bones can make it there by Thursday morning. If they bring them i will be sure to sign up as soon as I get there.

Why not leave monday & be there "sometime" wednesday? ...or Tuesday eve.
Gives you mo-time to settle-in for the Thursday till Sunday Rally.
And you could be 1st in line to sign-up...rested & ready.
The price is the same. ;)
Well , my mom says i cannot be out there all alone by myself on the road anymore :whistle

So I have to wait for the other guys and when they want to leave.:dunno

I'm not a camper and will be staying down the road a piece.:thumb

Good answer... those "kitchen passes" often have conditions of conformance!
And de-motel likely not cheap.
Happy Trails... will see you there
Actually the motel is very reasonable, $49.95 ++ .
Small Mom & Pop place had 3 reviews, 2 were very positive, the third was just ok.

I don't mind as long as it's clean and functional.

If I had my druthers I would be staying in Sedalia at a higher end place. A small luxury i indulge myself with when on the road. I don't travel all that much anymore so it's a trade off.