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Demo Rides at the 2024 Rally?


Does anyone know if BMW NA (or anyone else) will be sponsoring demo bikes at Redmond? I am considering downsizing my 1200 GS sometime after the Rally and would like to try the 800 & 900cc variants and maybe a roadbike (1250R ?). On the trip out and back I will have hit my "bucket list" of all 48 contiguous states and might not be doing as much long-distance travel in the future. A lighter bike might be better around town and for buzzing through the mountains.
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I was told BMW no longer sends its demo truck to the MOA rallies. Could be wrong.
Not sure about Redmond this year but they were in Virginia last year. In the 37 National Rallies I have attended I do know they missed two or three.
Could it be a way of showing how BMW corporate really feels about it's existing customers? Well, we've got their money, lets look for some new targets,,,,

I hope I am just being cynical, but one does wonder.
That schedule is missing demos. I know for a fact they will be at Garcia Moto in Raleigh the 27th of April. The demo truck coming to Raleigh is from the Performance Center in Greer.
Good to know. I hope BMW attends because it would be a shame if Harley and Triumph were the only ones there. ;)
Good to know. I hope BMW attends because it would be a shame if Harley and Triumph were the only ones there. ;)
I always thought it pretty classy that Honda would invite other manufacturers to the Honda Hoot. It was kind of a way of supporting the industry overall.