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AL 2nd Sat Ride-2-Eat to Hayden, AL


January 2023 Ride-2-Eat Opportunity:
As was the case in Jan-2022, I’m planning to lead a ride from HSV to the Top Hat Bar-B-Que Restaurant in the New Year.


Tis up to y’all. It was indeed a very chilly outing last January for our handful of intrepid riders... I am certainly attempting to elicit SOME attendance from folks in central or southern AL-GA-MS. The interest has just not there since covid. [Dec 2d-Saturday is actually the AlaBeemer's annual Xmas party at the Eagle Pt Hampton Inn in Hoover, AL in SE Birmingham area].

Be safe & be seen out there!
Happy Trails in 2023!
HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

View attachment JAN23-R2E.GPX
So I plan the monthly AlaBeemer 2nd Saturday Rides-to-Eat, but I can’t control the weather! I’ll get busy now on deciding February’s destination. I recently bought the Alabama Back Road Restaurant recipe book as a reference for future rides.

Like last January, the MOAL regulars were in attendance. Phil & Karen rode themselves to the Vintage breakfast in HSV at 30F before departing Murphy’s Gas a bit later. No Vintage riders were convinced to take this particular ride along many county roads. Jim had a shorter ride from his home in BHM (as I prompted him to ‘be sensible’ since he doesn’t use heated gear). Pam & Tom arrived together in the car down I-65 (she's recovering from shoulder surgery). Today’s MVP was LD-Rider, Paul Thorne, who rode from east Mississippi {just to eat a vegetable plate} at the Top Hat BBQ in Hayden, AL on a very cold morning for most of us southerner BMW riders.

Any & all are welcome; last February’s R2E to Piedmont, AL even had us Driving because it was so Frigid! :brow

Our Attendees:

Our MOAL Secretary, aka Karen


Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
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