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2021 MOA Rally Picture Thread

Lolo Pass

At the MT-ID border. This was a much easier roads than some of the others I had been on earlier in the weekD379DE2A-393E-4AD3-ADE8-E9A745391D10.jpg
Wy 14A

Wyoming 14A is the real deal. West to east over the Bighorns is an unlimited rate climb. Every cycle I’ve had up here gets it's photo taken in front of this warning sign.


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Those signs are for cruisers…. :ha

At the MT-ID border. This was a much easier roads than some of the others I had been on earlier in the weekView attachment 84311

14 is mo betta! (Imo)

Beartooth pass!! What a place to be!!






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I had been there . Have been to 10(?) rallies, always good times with good friends. However border closure was a solid "can't get there from BC, so..." maybe next year!
Glad y'all had fun!!