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2017 F800GS Camel Tank


New member
I installed a Camel Tank on my 2017 F800GS and I'm very pleased. Now I can stop when I want to stop, not when the tiny fuel tank that came with the bike forces me to stop. The installation was easier than I expected and once I understood how the Camel Tank functions, it all came together quite intuitively. I should note that I've only used the bike on paved roads and mild unpaved roads. Although the Camel Tank itself is small (~1.8 gal.), the combo of the stock tank and the auxiliary tank give me a range I'm happy with: above 300 miles at 55 mpg. Highway range will undoubtedly be less, but it will be a whole lot better than seeing the low-fuel light come on at 150 miles. :dance
Nice :thumb
It would be nice to see a picture of the installation.
I'll move this to F-Twins and Tag it up later.
Pics for F800GS Camel Tank

Here are 3 pics of the Camel Tank on the 2017 F800GS. The first pic shows the position on the right side of the bike behind the Brooks luggage rack. Pic 2 shows the mounting points and how the fuel line and vent line are threaded through the plastic trim. Pic 3 shows the Camel Tank nicely fit between the bike frame and the Brooks side case.


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