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Thread: 2005 R1200RT Misfires at high throttle

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    2005 R1200RT Misfires at high throttle

    Wow ... what a puzzler ... 2005 R1200RT begins to stall and sputter whenever given about 3/4 to full throttle, very frustrating! ... myself and local dealer have checked the obvious suspects:
    1. Air intake obstruction
    2. Drained fuel and replaced with fresh
    3. Swapped fuel injectors with known good ones
    4. New spark plugs
    5. Swapped ignition coils with known good ones
    6. Swapped with known good fuel pump and fuel pump electronics
    7. Checked cam position sensor
    8. Adjusted valves
    9. Adjusted throttle body sync

    Can't figure out why this bike is acting this way ... has anyone experienced this issue? ... could sure use some experience here ... thanks!!

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    Blocked fuel line, can be either inside or outside the tank

    Blocked exhaust

    Blocked vent line to the gas tank, causing a vacuum which then inhibits fuel flow

    Blocked or wet charcoal canister or the lines to it

    Cracked vacuum line, allowing too much air to be sucked in

    QUESTION: When this happens, do any of the lights or instruments flicker? That would indicate an electrical problem - flaky battery, loose connection, etc.
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    It sounds like a blocked fuel filter to me. More or less a classic symptom.
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    The problem is resolved. After taking the bike back to the dealer, and putting another 8 - 10 hours of troubleshooting into it, it was finally discovered that it was actually both coils (not sure if primary or secondary) that were intermittently bad. So, originally swapping out one coil at a time to troubleshoot the problem was not adequate to isolate the issue.

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