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Thread: Need help please

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    Need help please

    I own and operate Silver Auto Collision & Towing up here in Northern Idaho just east of Spokane wa. Im getting into working on my own bike 2002 BMW R1150 RT.

    So Ive been having a hard time finding one place to get parts and special tools to repair this line of BMW as I will be also putting my facility in the Service book to help anyone within my area riding for a place to work on your bike or have us help you perform work on any BMW.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get parts and tools service items so I can stock up and help anyone who may need service or help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to the forum! There are members up in your area, so hopefully you will get some input as to where to get parts, etc. Likely, though, it won't be just one place. Certainly, any dealer can get you want you want/need, but you're probably going to need a network of suppliers. They do exist!
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