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    Side Bags

    Does any have any recommendations for side bags for the 650 GT (soft or hard). I have visited the Givi site but not sure how these bags look on bike? Not sure of fit of different sizes.

    Have the top case on. Looking for more storage.

    Thanks so much.

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    For long trips I ordered a set of used cortech saddle bags (soft with tail pack), they are new on ebay for 150-250 depending on series 1 or 2. I have series 1. the saddle bags connect to the tail pack and I will make a stand off where the TE1505(?) Givi. It will give enough for a weeks worth of cloths, and tools for my business trips.

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    if you are not going to leave them on the bike all the time, the soft bags would get the job done. For a permanent install I would pefer hard bags.
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