Started up this yesterday, rode to get a newspaper. Stopped, went to start, wouldn't turn over. The battery was only charged enough to move the engine a quarter turn. I put it in 6th and rolled it down hill and it started, phew.

Rode home. Shut off. Tried restarting, and it turned over and started..

I noticed the other day that the Batt/Alt light bulb didn't turn on with the key but thought I'd look into it later. I was able to duplicate that symptom. When I measure the D+ wire at the alternator it's at 12 volts, which is coming from the indicator lamp, so it seems that the rotor, slip rings or voltage regulator isn't providing a ground. I the grounded D+ lead to make sure the bulb and wire were good and the bulb lit so everything is good up to the alternator. To me it appears that either the slip ring connection to the rotor is intermittent, or a wire is loose at the regulator or the voltage regulator has a problem.

The bike is an '04 R1150 with just under 30K miles. How likely is it that the slip rings aren't making a good connection?