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I would not be so hasty bashing the PH6063, it's a totally different animal from the usual Frams. This one has an unpainted finish, weighs quite a bit and is manufactured in Austria. Not really sure of how this came to be in the Fram world, but I use it whenever I find it as it is less expensive than the Bosch, but it looks identical to me. Have I cut it in half, put it under an electron microscope, monitored the flow rates etc, no, but it works for me just fine.

I know we all have an opinion, but I have not seen many vehicles on the side of the road due to a bad Fram filter. I imagine they make the majority of the quick lube badged filters and they seem to be working good enough. Sure, we can quote the articles showing how crappy they are, but are they good enough? I have well over a million miles on my vehicles (autos), typically using "generic" or whatever is on sale, and I always get well over 100,000 miles and have never unloaded a car due to engine issues.

OK, bash away
I don't think I was was bashing the Fram, I've used dozens of them over the years. That said I found the article I referred to be thoughtful so hoped it would help the OP. Personally I decided to go with the Mobil 1 filter and the Mobil 1 4T 10W40.