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    Good Service

    On startup, after sitting for a while, my 82 R100RS was issuing forth with a puff of white smoke. I was thinking either rings or valve seals, but don?t have the means or knowhow to diagnose those conditions. It was running good, and oil level is not dropping, but I could not get comfortable with the start-up smoke. Also, I just got the 84 R100 running and it feels a little more peppy than the RS, so I took it to our local ace wrench, Steve Prokop. He reported back that the compression is fine and that I runs good. He continued that parking it on the sidestand can result in oil getting into the combustion chamber and that I should ride it and enjoy, then park it on the center stand if the smoke bothers me. When I asked what I owed him, he said no charge! I know the bike must have spent at least an hour on his lift, and he used up some of my fuel, which also took some time. I guess what I am getting at is that we are lucky in the NW Oregon to have a mechanic who is good and fair.
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