Hi all,

The turn signal gaskets on my r75/5 are the old white/grey and have become hard dried up remnants of its past 40 year life.

I was about to order turn signal gaskets from bmwhuckys.com

I noticed in the photos these gaskets are cut (they appear more like a rubber string of sorts). Is there a specific type of adhesive I should use when mounting these? is adhesive even supposed to be used on them at all to affix them to the lights?

Also i suppose this same question applies to the tool tray and its gasket as well.

My tool tray is filthy and the old gasket is also bad. Was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion on trying to clean the tool tray up to look nice and new again and also what type of adhesive is best to affix its gasket as well?

Is it better to just replace the tool tray entirely? Or do you think it would be able to clean up well?