good day all, this might get a laugh or 2. I am stationed in Germany, bought a BMW R80(yay) was working on the cafe fairing, kinda messed it up stripping the paint. I went on line here(, they have the whole fairing and windshield called a tourennscheibe. I found a website here, had a new cafe fairing and winsheld pictured, named the same, for 79 euro. heck yeah, i bought one. postal service is quick as i ever seen here. I had it in 3 days.......just a dang windshield. I ended up working 4 more hours on the original fairing, got it painted, finally looks good with the windshield(tourenscheibe). and is dark tinted. an MRA windshield. I guess if If I knew the language, I would have bought the right thing, even my landlord who is German didnt believe that it was only the windshield, he read the website and thought it was the whole thing. but... there are ALOT of BMW parts here on, most ship internationally back to the states. but I think the shipping would be too expensive. anyway enjoy riding.