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    Jack Herbst
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    Which BMW

    Which BMW model is the most popular with women and why. I am trying to get my SO off her Dyna Low Rider Harley onto a BMW with little success. I am thinking R1200R, F650GS, F800ST or ? What would you suggest and for what reasons. She is 5"7" and medium build. Short to medium trips up to 1000 miles.



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    Difficult (and extremely dangerous) to make generalizations about women riders. I see many women on the G650GS (Single Cyl) and it's predecessors in several different variations. Also the F650GS (Twin Cyl) is seems popular. But just like men, what women ride is a factor of stature, experience, skill, money, anticipated use and preference. Coming off a Harley she may want a bigger bike. If so, then the R1200R is a great choice in my opinion.
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    I know of a lot of women that ride RT's, 1200 GS's and K1200/1300 bikes. AKBeemer is right. It's difficult to make generalizations.
    Have your SO do some test rides at your dealer. She can always start out testing a 650 and work he way up to what she's comfortable with. And it goes without mention;
    She should make the decission.
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    My buddies with "big" beemers always referred to my K75 as a girl's bike. Of course, if she's infatuated with the Harley a chrome plated R1100C might be the way to go.
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    She should ride, what ever makes her happy!
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    What - if any - factors contribute the the sutability of her Harley compared to various model BMWs? Is height or inseam (short legs) a factor? Is upper body strength a factor? Is experience level a factor? Is the riding position a factor.

    Without knowing this it is hard to answer the question. Voni has had a few K75s, an F650, an R65, an R80, two R1100RSs, an R1100S, an F800s, and a few more too.

    Other than the R1200C no BMW will approximate the feet forward seating position. A standard K75, F650GS or Dakar, or other GS or RT will be quite upright seating but not forward controls. One of the roadster models, R1100R, R1150R, R1200R are almost upright but not quite.

    The S and RS models are more sport-riding (forward leaning) yet.

    But if you want one model to guess with it would be a K75 low seat standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martinPH View Post
    She should ride, what ever makes her happy!
    Although I understand the reason why you want her to "Upgrade"(LOL...) to a BMW, I agree,she should ride what she likes!! Count yourself lucky,she rides her own bike!!! Been trying to convince my girlfriend to just try the motorcycle course to see if she'd like it,(on my cost) but no luck! She's happy to be the passenger she says!

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