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Thread: Roof Helmets

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    Roof Helmets

    Hi all,
    I saw someone with a Roof Boxer V8 brand helmet yesterday; the chin flips all the way to the back as the brand Shark does. He thinks is the best helmet he ever wore.
    I understand they are not made or sold in USA and have to be purchased abroad.

    I was wondering if any of you could provide me with any feedback?

    I presently use a modular AGV but combined with the windshield of my 1200R, makes the visor vibrate and become noisy at highway speeds.

    I will also appreciate any feedback on the new Nolan trilogy.

    thank you all and happy Thanksgiving day!

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    Above is a link to the webbikeworld review of this helmet. There are many many helmet reviews on their site. This helmet has some unique features but also shares the short internal length of other types that allow raising the chinbar- a reason I do not use the type.

    A google search will show you where to purchase whatever interests you but for more common brands sold in the US I like The Helmetshop in FL. Problem with mail purchase is you need to know your size in the specific model- general size knowledge will often be "wrong" if you use that for a purchase decision. There are folks in Europe who sell he RB and will ship it anywhere, apparently.

    I don't like Nolans, AGV or anything Italian- all I know of are too noisy for my tastes.
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    In that link it never said anything about the Roof helmet being DOT approved and certified for us on US roads. It may be a good helmet that meets the ECE helmet standards. But the fact is that unless Roof has tested and succesfully passed the DOT test standards it cannot or will be sold in the US market.

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    I bought a nice flip up Airoh helmet at a rally many years ago. After getting home I noticed instead of a DOT sticker it had one that said "for novelty use only" Saved my noggin when I encountered a deer. Only helmet I've ever actually tested.
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    Just a little ECE 22-05 safety standard background.

    DOT certified or not, they can be purchased in the U.S. It just depends on the ethics of the seller, your "comfort level" with wearing a helmet without the "DOT" rating, and your willingness to risk not having that sticker if you're stopped (I've never encountered a police officer who asked me to let him see my DOT sticker).

    Of course, there are other considerations ... mostly of a litigious nature.
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    My friend has a roof boxer helmet, i believe it's the generation before the current version. It's very light, but feels cheap. Wind noise is terrible.
    I bought a Shark Evoline and it seemed like a well made helmet but it was WAY to heavy. I sold it after a 10 mile test ride.
    I would stick with a standard flip-up style helmet. I can go 40 mph easy with my HJC Symax II helmet in the flipped up position.


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