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Thread: My trip to the north.

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    Hank, just minor inconveniences.

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    Day 12 This was another great day to ride. The temperature was mild, the sun was shining and great scenery. The ride to Yellowstone was more enjoyable then the park itself. I was hoping to be able to camp there but there were so many people. I pull up to the gate with my twenty dollar bill and they let me in with a million other people to drive around. The first thing I saw was a line of cars as far as the eye could see. Everybody was forced to stop so a few people could take pictures of what looked like a scrawny scared little fox trying to cross the road. They just parked in the middle of the road and got out or their vehicles. So this is what nature‘«÷s beauty smells like. When you are here you have to stop and see Old Faithful. Right? Well, that thing blows every once in a while so I thought I would stick around for that. (Sigh) By now, it‘«÷s getting late and I just want to get out of the park and I pass by one of the camp grounds and start to choke from the smoke which is so thick from campers. I am so glad I‘«÷m not camping there. I can‘«÷t believe how long it is taking me to get out of the park and I‘«÷m getting tired. The night felt calm as I rode along the lake side, it was a clear but dark with only a sliver of the moon lit. I pull off the road into what looked like a gravel parking lot, level, smooth and wide open. I thought I could pull in there, turn around and rest. What happened was: as I turned left to circle around I looked off to the right at a trail that led down to the lake and took the turn too tight and without warning me it laid down. I just barely got off in time. Maybe it was my fault, I couldn‘«÷t figure out why I needed to make the turn so tight when there was all that room available. I stood there and stared at my bike laying down when a car wooshed by. I looked up to see the tail lights pass and few seconds later the headlights as it turned the nearby corner then it was gone. I thought to myself that looked familiar. Where have I seen that before? Maybe on another trip? No. Then I started to mentally describe the picture I have seen in my head. A guy looking down at a motorcycle with his hands on his hips, dark, a car passing, woods on one side of the road and a lake at his back. Then it hit me. I was that picture. A little spooked by now I picked up bike and got out of there, quickly. I finally get to Cody, extremely late, and not a motel room available. That‘«÷s ok, it smells of rotten eggs here real bad. Now, I just wanted to get out of town. I follow the GPS which tells me to go north. I argue with the GPS and tell it to take me home. It plots a better course that leads me south. I finally found a place in a small town at 2:00am with a vacancy.


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    Day 13 No more stops, I just want to get home. The second half of Wyoming turned out to be a pleasant ride. Almost turned around to ride thru the canyon again but with all the construction going on I decided to press on. It seems that I was rushed thru Nebraska, a nice ride, but I could see the rain sneeking up on me. I passed to the north of one rain cell and south to another. I would check the weather at the rest stops and felt like frogger missing all the rain in Nebraska. I hit Missouri and it felt like I was home but I was getting a little tired. I pulled into a rest stop to take a quick nap but it was so loud from the trucks I pressed on to the next rest stop which was only twenty four miles. That was a long 24 miles! Felt so good to lay down, a comfortable night to lay in the grass. After a couple of hours I‘«÷m ready for the rest of the trip. After a few miles I decided to get crazy. It was warm enough and the whole trip I looked forward to this. I just didn‘«÷t squeeze it in up to this point. I took off all my ‘«£safety gear‘«ō except the helmet, in MO we have to wear a stupid helmet. That‘«÷s the first time in very long time that I rode naked. Scary at first but became very relaxing and comfortable. That lasted for a couple of hours then the rain threatened and my fun was over. I pulled into a rest area to put my rain gear on when another biker dude pulled in to do the same. In the course of our conversation he reached into his trunk a pulled out a spray can and rag. He says, ‘«£When I go on long trips I clean my windshield, you are welcome to use mine‘«ō. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I politely refused but thought, That wimpy can and rag ain‘«÷t going to be tough enough. What? You don‘«÷t think I tried to clean it? I couldn‘«÷t keep up. They‘«÷re everwhere, I had bugs smashed into speedometer, back of the wind shield, by my knees, everywhere. Besides it matches the rest of the bike. I hit St Louis in the rain and in morning rush hour, I knew I was home.


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    Finally got around to cleaning the bike. Dirt was everywhere and probably will stay in some places. Took the panels off and washed the inner side. Took wheels off, calipers, clean all up in there. Removed the panels in front of the radiator to get the rest of that mud out. Cleaned that small upper radiator of all the bugs. I got a bunch of dirt off the bike and now all the scrapes, dings are noticeable. A nice coat of wax will keep the panels and tank from rusting so it will still look good in a couple of years. I‘«÷m still trying to clean the windshield. Got most of the bug juice off but there are tiny spots that are really hard to get off. Found a metal fragment in my oil and removed the wad of bugs choking the air filter. We‘«÷re good to go.

    And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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    Thanx for taking us along on your trip! Now you deserve a good rest in your own bed!
    Al From Chgo Burbs

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    Outstanding- great write up
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    Great fun reading your humorous retelling of your trip!

    Thanks for sharing ; )

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    re Yellowstone - What a wonderful place! Even after half a dozen times, and a couple of days each time, I still haven't seen it all; I'll be back! The drones behind the wheel are the most dangerous thing, especially near Old somewhat Faithful.
    The KOA campground a few miles west of West Yellowstone is a little expensive, but it's luxurious - large indoor pool AND a large indoor jacuzzi! Can't beat that after a hard day. Food store is overpriced (natch) and understocked, bring chow from the grocery stores in town.
    Also check out the Madison Hotel right there on Main Steet (Madison Avenue) - tiny rooms and the showers are down the hall, but cheap and more than sufficient. Park right out front; the bike is safe since the police station is across the street (but of course lock everything down anyway).
    Best chow I 've found in West Yellowstone is the Chinese restaurant one street north of, and about one block east of, the Madison. Meal-sized and tasty.
    There used to be another KOA east of Moran Junction that was pretty good, but I think they've changed management (not an affiliate) since I was there last.
    Cody has a big KOA near the airport, but there's another good campground on the west side of town, about a block or two south of the Remington Museum (a neat tour in itself), on the west side of the street.

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    Thumbs up

    I really enjoyed your vivid descriptions of each day. Man you must have been tired, really put a lot of miles in; BTW - what was the total mileage of the trip?
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    Hello, and thanks.

    I forgot this story....So I'm in Deadhorse, temperature was upper 40's and sunny. I am wearing my heated liner because its a nice lightweight jacket. Sitting on a metal folding chair listening to the tour dude. Everybody gets up to get on the tour bus and as I stand the power pigtail for the heated liner gets caught on the chair and rips right off the jacket. Doh! Something I need to fix with duck tape just in case it gets cold on the trip home.

    or this one... Again in Deadhorse...My camera battery is dead. I didn't bring the charger because my bike has the charger that I was going use. That charger died on the first day. I replaced it with the extra one I brought which promptly died also. The only way to charge the battery was to use the laptop. I had to use the USB cable I brought, cut in half, strip wires, then tape the red and black wires to the battery contacts. Charged while I slept and was able to take pictures of my feet.jpg

    Just guessing at the mileage 8300 lost track after the second day. The trip meters reset after 999.9 miles so I don't know if the trip was 7300, 8300, or 9300 miles.

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