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Thread: Dangerous Roads Ahead

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    Dangerous Roads Ahead - NDak

    I'm not trying to prevent people from including North Dakota in their tour plans, but at the same time I have to pass these cautionary words along...

    From the Associated Press, 03-27-2012...

    "Touring bicyclists wanting to retrace the journey of explorers Lewis and Clark or pedal through the northern tier of the U.S. are being warned to steer clear of northwest North Dakota because of heavy oil traffic.

    The Adventure Cycling Association says it's re-mapping the popular bike routes due to "alarming reports" about risky riding conditions through North Dakota's booming oil patch.

    Cartographer Jennifer Milyko says roads through North Dakota's oil patch are now among the most dangerous of the group's 40,000-mile route network in the U.S.

    Milyko says new maps are due in May to reflect the change. She says it's the biggest such amendment to U.S. routes in the nonprofit's 39-year history."
    I think those on motorized two-wheels should also be cautious... that part of the state has really become the "wild west."

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    The area of South Central Texas is also in that position...Southeast of San Antonio towards the coast is full of oil production activity.
    Besides the trucks, the mud they drag out onto the roads is a harder hazard to see at times.

    Riders beware for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by txedomoon View Post
    I think those on motorized two-wheels should also be cautious... that part of the state has really become the "wild west."
    It's like the late 70's and early 80's all over again. If you ride in western ND, drive very defensively. No matter what mode of transportation you are using.

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    The "other" two wheels. . .

    In my younger years, I rode many long miles on bicycles -- many 100+ mile days. For those unfamiliar with this activity, I can tell you that it is DANGEROUS, and I'm not kidding. For sure, traffic is much heavier now versus 30 years ago when I was riding bicycles, and with cell phones, texting, drugged/drunken driving. . .need I say more?

    I've now been riding long-distance miles for decades on many different motor-driven two-wheelers, and have NEVER had as many "close calls" as I did when riding a bicycle. IMHO, the "danger factor" between bicycles and motorcycles isn't even close to a realistic comparison. Might as well paint a target on the back of your bike jersey.

    Motorists "fly" past your left side at high speed with only inches to spare, and you had best not be "swerving" the tiniest bit, or you'll be hit. I was lucky for all those years, and folks -- LUCK had a lot to do with it. When your level speed maxes out at around 20mph, and the traffic is moving at 40-50-60 as it passes you, you can see the problem.

    Let's all be very careful out there. The world is a crazy place, and is getting a lot crazier.

    THANKS for the heads-up.

    Walking Eagle
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