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Thread: "camping" What to bring?

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    tudo beleza
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    System case when empty makes a decent beverage chest.

    As to what to take along, as little as you can get by with. Make sure that you have a decent packing system so the stuff stays put. Helen 2 wheels website has some good tips, even if you don't use her stuff

    Mosquito repellent is a must, it comes in compact wipes now which is convenient.

    Make sure you have a thermorest and get the lightest sleeping bags you can find for the temperatures you think you will encounter. Get a light compact tent but make sure it is big enough for both of you. 2 doors is nice so you don't have to crawl over each other, a vestibule is nice for gear without intruding in the living space. Practice setting it up, tearing down and packing it.

    The bike will handle much differently with passenger and camping gear. Don't try to be canyon racer with all the stuff on back.

    Take it easy, have fun and enjoy it.

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    Multiple Use Equipment is best for Camping

    Keep in mind once you set up camp you should ride to a gas station, fill up the bike and check it over then go to the local liquor store purchase your choice of liquor and fill your trusty BMW systems cases with ice. They make excellent coolers and
    1. They do not add to the waste stream...the booze does.
    2. No additional have them anyway.
    3. melted ice cleans dust out of the inside of the case.
    4. You don't have to figure out how to use it as luggage it already is.
    5. It is just plain irresponsible to buy something once and not figure out multiple uses for it.

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    Camping in Vermont!

    Have really good waterproof gear! Rain is always likely there and if you and your stuff are dry, you're happy. First time campers to rallies always make this mistake and have bad experience. Use your saddlebag for cooler. If you buy the "silver" bubble insul wrap you see around water tanks,etc and bought at any hardware store, it cuts and trims to line your bag for ice holding ability. It CAN be used for other camping chores, too. Rolls up and packs easy. Just another idea! PS;Don't permanently line your bag, just use the stuff as a liner for ice; works swell.

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    camping stuff

    For a cooler, I use an insulated collapsible six pack holder. It weighs nothing, packs tight and works reasonably well. It's made out of some sort of nylon fabric and has a sandwich type thermal barrier inside.


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    Don't bring any clothes -they're too bulky - just wear styrofoam duct-taped to your body. When the rally is over, toss it all in the trash - ride home naked. (except for your helmet of course.)

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    Try to remember he's riding two up. If his SO is anything like mine, naked is all the room he'll have.

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    Uh Huh

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuff2C
    Try to remember he's riding two up. If his SO is anything like mine, naked is all the room he'll have.
    Amen brotha - My old lady can rebuild her bike with what she brings along in her saddle bags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankiedakar
    Hey everyone,
    My girlfriend and I are making a list of items we want to to bring to the rally. What we have down so far is : motorcycle, 2 helements, tent........
    This will be our 1st rally, soo i'd like to know if i could get any other ideas from past ralliers.
    We would hate get up there and say,,,dang thats a good idea...or i wish we would have brought that....
    see ya up there,
    Mechanicsburg, Pa.
    Everyone seemed to have covered the usual.
    Let me add:
    Flip-flops or some other type of sandle to wear in the shower area, as well as to slip on for middle of the night potty stops.
    Gail Hatch
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    Cool What Too Pack

    My Cousin Used To Pack Old Undies And Through Them Away As You Go.. Then There Is More Room For The Cooler.. ( Ll Bean Has Great Collaps Able Coolers)

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    Thanks for all the great ideas on what to bring. We are really looking forward to the trip.

    03' 650 Dakar

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    Sun hat with a big floppy brim. Don't forget sunscreen too.

    Try and pack synthetic clothing. It resists getting funky better and will help your body stay cooler.
    Dave Swider
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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    I love the Ex Officio underwear for travelling. The REI guy read the Ex Officio slogan on the box to me, "17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear."
    I added, "And one big skid mark."

    Seriously... Just the opposite... You can wash them in a sink with a little soap, hang em to dry and they will be dry by morning. I'm travelling with only 2 pairs to Alaska. They breathe nicely too.

    Found this packing light info:
    Stephen Burns - 2007 R1200GS
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    Chrome Dome

    there's no helmet law in pennsylvania. soo for the sunscreen, i dont need any.the bald head is coppertone.

    03' 650 Dakar

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    Also sense of humor is needed
    Plus ear plugs cause no matter how hard you try, you will always camp next to someone who snores.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    now thats a great idea,,,,,ear plugs

    03' 650 Dakar

    + i'll have some extra ear plugs for the campers around us.

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