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Would Like Advice on iABS System Malfunction


New member
2004 R1150RT
59000 miles

Reaching out to the oilhead gurus for guidance on my next steps.

On a recent LD trip I felt the brakes go mushy and the top Brake Failure warning light flashed and the bottom General light stayed on. I had some braking but not the smooth ABS feel. Not knowing what to do I turned around and went back home and took it to the local Indianapolis dealer who very quickly....thank you Tom Wood Powersports..... flushed out the entire braking and ABS system thinking we would go with the least costly approach first. On the way home from the shop the lights went on again and the brakes were grabby. On start up the brake light flashes and I hear the whirr of the ABS system check and when I get over 5 mph the light goes out like it should. I just took if for another ride and for a few miles it seemed fine with light to moderate braking pressure.....no lights came on. Then I applied harder pressure front and rear, there was an audible clunk from the ABS module and the brakes let go and the lights came back. I did that several times. The fault code for that flashing and light combination says "at least one brake circuit is without ABS". I have read about the cost associated with replacing the module with either a rebuilt or new unit but don't see that as an option with the bike only being worth $3,000-4,000. After much reading and research about the iABS problems and looking at several YouTube videos I am 95% ready to by-pass the ABS unit and replace brake lines with SS.

1. Based on the above do you think the module is truly kaput?
2. Is there another path short of replacement I should take before by-passing the unit?
3. Will going "conventional" deliver smooth, solid braking? With the proper pads, calipers and fluid of course!

I do appreciate any advice from those more mechanically advanced than I!
iABS System MalFunction

Did you get any response to your question? Same thing just happened to my '04 RT.
Sam Creasman
I pulled the ABS module out of my 2003 RT because of a non-repairable failure (the body of the module was leaking brake fluid). After converting to "standard" brakes, I like the feel and responsiveness of the brakes much better. They have plenty of power. In fact, the rear had a bit too much power, so I replaced the standard semi-metallic pads with organic (less bite). Now I have powerful, balanced, and predictable brakes.