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View New Posts only going back 24 hours?


Hey Chromehead !
Gary / Kurt / Mod Team - Good day.

The "view new posts" button has been wonky for me the last month or so. It only takes me back to those new posts within the last 24 hours or so. It used to go back as far as my last log in date.

I tried looking in user settings and view properties, etc. I did find a note somewhere that said those settings are or could be set or reset by the admin team, but should at least go back 10 days or so (unless changed).

I could not find a similar thread in the last two plus years. Hope you can provide some advice.

Anybody else experiencing similar results? I do log out every time I leave the forum.

Thanks for all you do.
Bob -

There was a discussion about this in another thread and I posted specifically about the issue in this post:


It appears that the New Posts feature really doesn't work as it should...Ted Moyer has suggested that using the Quick Link > Today's Posts is more to the point. There is a user setting in the Admin panel that defines when to turn posts from unread to read. I was having problems with things still being unread long after I had already read them. So, the setting was changed to 24 hours. I tend to visit the forum very frequently.

However, logging out clears cookies and converts all posts to being read. Not sure why you're logging out every time you leave the forum...I never log out.
Thanks for the reply Kurt.

I also visit the forum frequently, usually every day. But when I miss a few, I like to be able to pick up where I left off.

My work around is to look at the date of the last post in a thread that I am interested in and if it later than my last visit, I just go to the last page.

I always log out just as a precautionary measure. :)
I think this "unread threads" thing is essentially broken. If I come through here every three to five days, looking at unread threads, I'm only going to be directed to a fraction of the threads that have actually been updated since my last visit. And who is going to click through threads trying to remember if they had already seen that last post or not?

Other forums simply get this right. If there are new replies since my last visit to that thread, it's bold. Otherwise it's not. I don't see why there needs to be ANY kind of automatic time limit that marks unread threads as being read. It's far too easy to miss new content that way. Basically I come here, see only one or two "fresh" threads and move on. If something of interest is not marked as unread, I skip it figuring that there's nothing new there.
I can't seem to find where to change this setting. Hopefully, things will be adjusted once we change over to the new forum software.
When using Quick Links>. Today’s Posts

The forum is running on 24hr schedule and when you are using this feature, you can look at the time of the last post- (“oldest thread”) at the bottom and confirm (to yourself) when that thread will no longer be visible as “Today’s Post(ing)”.

Some years back there was a change in the forum software where it would not display “days” of unread posts. I remember the discussion……not sure if I can find the thread on the change but will look for it and post it if I can.

I keep up with this procedure:

Click New Posts
Read what I want
Click Forum Actions/Mark forums read
When I return I click New Posts and read what I want
Then rinse and repeat

Yes, which links back to this thread:

I was just hoping that things had progressed to an action state. My experience is that change doesn’t usually happen unless and until a due date is assigned, and that usually doesn’t happen until commitment to, and quantification of, resources for the project has occurred. Thanks,

If Ted wants to weight and provide updates, that's great...I don't have any at the moment. The process was started however the people doing the work have/had other things on their plate at the time. Ted basically echoed that in his post that you linked to.