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Traded RS for XR


New member
Traded my ‘20 RS for a ‘21 XR with 1900 miles. I bought the bike at Max BMW in NH and rode it home to Maine. Love the engine in the XR and the handling is sublime. My wife and me are moving to western NC when she retires in a few years and the XR will be right at home in the mountains twisty roads. Jury still out on the XR seat but that’s easily fixed with a custom seat from Russel, Laam or Diana’s shop.IMG_0475.jpg
I’m planning on lightening up from my k1600gt, and I’ve been looking at the R1250Rs or an XR. The seat “Hypermotard” riding position of the XR is a bit of a concern. If I went that direction, I was thinking of the lowered suspension and a Corbin.
I’m planning on lightening up from my k1600gt, and I’ve been looking at the R1250Rs or an XR. The seat “Hypermotard” riding position of the XR is a bit of a concern. If I went that direction, I was thinking of the lowered suspension and a Corbin.

If you can find one, throw a leg over the RS. I was more than a little surprised that with the standard seat I could get the balls of both feet quite securely on the ground. I'm barely 5'5" tall with a 27" inseam.
The swapping from a RS to a XR, or XR to a RS seems to be a "thing". I guess you need to own BOTH! :clap

Enjoy your new ride!
Seat for XR and move to NC

I would start looking for the property now if you're going to retire in the Asheville area. Values are going to continue to climb and what might seem expensive now will seem like a bargain in 3-5 years. You can get a one that maybe is a bit tired for a good price, and rent it out, rentals are strong. When you retire, you can refurbish it and move in. I bought in 2021, a track home, and it's worth 35% more now, then the furniture value on top of that. Now, one might think this was a bubble that might burst but I don't think so. Fact is, it's a great place to live, 2k-3k above sea level, big enough to have all the services, small enough not to have stress related traffic and people, etc. Great riding a couple miles away, good health systems, and they're expanding the Asheville airport from a small airport into a regional. TSA pre-check, and flights to everywhere. Great BMW MOA Club that is all Facebook and Wednesday rides. No meetings, no dues, just riding.

You're fortunate you've heard of Diana's shop, you must know someone in the Wednesday riding group, which is called the SDOA (Sons and Daughters of Arthritis). Diana has worked on 4 of my seats. I've covered two of my XR's (I have 3) with the Tappezzeria seat cover, and she alters/adds/subtracts foam, installs memory foam if you wish, and generally customs the seat to your riding and ass. She is a very nice lady and prices her work reasonably. The most recent work she did for me was on a 2014 Honda CB1100 I bought. The foam was ragged and pretty much shot but one couldn't tell from looking at it but could feel it while riding down the road. I want the seat cover to add some colour to a totally blacked out bike and here was the result:

Original seat:
Cover off images, rebuild process begins:
Rebuild process finishes with two layers of different memory foam:
Marine grade vinyl covering, I picked out colour, colour of thread, thread pattern, etc:
Installed on Bark:

Diana's Shop: 828-230-6851. Her shop is in Fletcher. I tried to make these pics smaller but well, too much work to go back and optimize them again!

Sorry for long post, hope this post useful to some....
Honda CB1100 Seat redo

One thing forgot to mention. After installing the new seat, I spent 2 days running this bike down from Asheville to Miami to put it on the boat, and I was completely comfortable for two 10 hour days! "nuff said!
I have a deposit on the M1000XR at two dealerships and selling my RS to a friend, my garage is kind of small and having the RS and a MT10 is overkill. Of course I’m looking forward to spring when the MXR is finally here