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take off windshield for 2020 RT lying around

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New member
I live in DC and am about to trailer my 2020RT to Colorado, using an open trailer. I want to spare my good windshield from the ride by removing it and using a temp take-off to protect the dash. Anyone living near DC have a banged-up-and-so-cheap take off windshield you'd like to sell? I'll come get it. Thanks
Unfortunately here on the forum we don't allow posting "want to buy" or "want to sell" postings. The reason is that there is no cleanup and such postings would possibly linger for years- long past a deal being completed.
We suggest that your item(s) be listed in our Marketplace section, easily accessed from the "button" just to the left of the Forum "button".
We will close this thread and delete it later.
Good luck.
The Moderator Team.
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