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Rolling Rally to the MOA Rally


Staff member
The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club is hosting a rolling rally leading to the MOA rally in Virginia. It's not a group ride, it is simply a list of locations/places that we will be meeting with various BMW luminaries and it will list the location and the time. How individuals get to these locations is up to them. The stops and people visited during the trip are important people (east coast) in the vintage motorcycle community.

The schedule for each day can be found here:


James Wonder, Vice President of the VBMWMO, is posting daily videos of the ride along with scenes from the various stops. The first day's stop was to Peter Nettesheim's museum in Huntington NY. The videos are updated each day and can be found at the VBMWMO's youtube channel:


In the Day 0 video, James introduces the rally along with an R50/2 ISDT replica bike that he built and is riding to the rally.
I don't have any involvement with this and will not benefit from it. But if you watched any of the videos along the way to the 2023 National Rally, the front fender on this bike was signed by some powerful and knowledgeable BMW personalities. In the videos, it was stated that the fender would be raffled off. Here is a link to the raffle for the fender.


The raffle will benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. Only 100 tickets will be sold.