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Rollin' By The River Brewery Tour Sign-up!


IBA# 5819

Here is a link to the only tour left that has availability:



Do you know your Lagers from your IPA's?
Or your Porters from your Stouts?
Do you know the difference between a Stemmed Pokal and a Weissber Vase?

No? Well, belly up to the bar and get up to speed on the different kinds of beers and accoutrements out there & more by being a part of the:

BMWMOA Rollin By The River Tour of Twin Cities Craft Breweries!

The tour date is set for Thursday July 24th from 2PM to 7PM

The tour cost is only $59.00 and is all inclusive!

Here is whats included:
Transportation there and back
Tour T shirt
Brewery-logo souvenir pint glass
Light lunch
Beer sampling and tastings.
Tips and gratuities included
And most importantly A FUN TIME!

So, hop on our air conditioned private motor coach and be safely whisked away to your fun and care-free 5 hour, three Brewery adventure. Each Brewery will have a taproom to experience the "cool factor" of sampling some of the finest craft brews in the Twin Cities and will offer complimentary samples. A production tour is included where you'll learn how beer is made and get an insider's look at the Twin Cities beer culture. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy a pint or purchase a growler (half gallon jug) or Brewery merchandise.

The Brewery Tour is a great way to safely enjoy an afternoon of beer sampling. You will receive VIP treatment, beer tastings, snacks, lunch, a complimentary Brewery specific logo pint glass as well as a souvenir tour t-shirt.

There will not be a pay at the door option so you need to sign up by June 30th. Space is limited so sign up early. All major credit cards accepted.

Tickets are non refundable but may be transferred. A wait-list will be maintained for a second tour if we get enough interest.
If you get shut out, send me an email and I'll add you to the list.
Note there is an online processing fee of $0.99

You must be 21 and be able to prove it. Each participant must have a valid ID!

Sign-up link: http://tinyurl.com/prd6utw

Questions? Post them here or send me an email: JosephCP01@gmail.com


By participating in this event, the entrant waives all claims against the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, a not-for-profit Corporation, and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (including officials, agents, representatives and administrators acting within the scope of their duties), and Taste Twin Cities & Twin Cities Brewery Tours, which may arise through participation in this event. This waiver includes, but is not limited to, claims for damages which may result from injury to my person or members of my family, and injury to or loss of property.
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Just a heads up:
Some folks indicated that they had a group of Beer Lovers who wanted to sign up.
Tix are selling at a brisk pace so I would advise signing up post haste.

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Tour l is SOLD OUT! Tour ll is TENTATIVELY Scheduled for Friday

WOW! Quite a response!
We've exceeded the capacity for the first tour.
From this point we will maintain a Wait List for a second tour provided we attain a quorum.
If and when we do, you will be instructed as to where and how to sign up.
At his point I encourage anyone interested in a second tour on Friday to email me directly to get on the wait list.
(We have a few on the list already).
My email is: JosephCP01@gmail.com
Wait list

How many more people need to get on the wait list to make it happen? I think I sent an e-mail asking to be put on the wait list but am not sure if it went through. Hope the second (5 hour) tour comes off.

Robin Polk
How many more people need to get on the wait list to make it happen? I think I sent an e-mail asking to be put on the wait list but am not sure if it went through. Hope the second (5 hour) tour comes off.

Robin Polk

Robin: Got your email....you're on the waitlist.
As of today we are pretty close to a quorum for the second tour.
Watch your email in the coming weeks for more info.


Wait list update.

Attention Everybody on the Wait List!

Watch your email for important information!

Wait list update.

There seems to be some email errors regarding the second tour email.
If you are on the wait list and have not received the sign up link for the second tour; send me an email at: JOSEPHCP01@Gmail.com as soon as you can and I will send you the link.


Third Brewery Tour in the planning stages!!

Hey folks! Thanks to your enthusiastic response, :clap both the Thursday and Friday Tours have SOLD OUT!!

But fret not....We are planning a third tour for Thursday. I haven't worked out all the details yet but so far this I know; Based on input from a number of Rally goers as well as our informal poll a month or so ago, there is a lot of interest in an abbreviated, more economical Tour.
So...what I'm planning is a Three hour tour (No, not on the SS Minnow) for Thursday.
Only differences being we will visit two Breweries instead of three and lunch will not be provided. Everything else remains the same. Details in a day or so. Watch for a separate sign up post and link!
As always, if you have any questions; send me an email: JosephCP01@Gmail.com
Now yer-talk'n....

... I be hate'n to interrupt a fine pint here'n there with me table manners called upon! :brow

A few me mates feel likewise ...we discussed it at a pub bar-B-Q. .:1drink

Travel'n John & privateer riders
R12RT...last years that u can ride
New Tour Details....!!!

Due to the overwhelming response to the first two, longer tours, we have decided to add a third "value" option for those who want to experience a shorter version. And save a couple of bucks in the process. :clap

Here are the details: http://tinyurl.com/koqqppw
Participants in all tours will get an informational email directly from the organizers in a few days.....stay tuned!