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Post your one day ride photo.....

Our for a ride with a couple of friends yesterday. so strange not riding solo.



Storm line rolled through in the early AM, wind showed up at dawn! NOPE! Gusts on lighter bikes interesting to say least!
Only 40? That's nothing!

When you have to ride it’s doable, when you have option, why fight it :lol
Didn’t mention it was still drizzling and wet leaves abound in most curves.

We rode Sunday in gusty winds, the twisty roads here make some open corners interesting on the Orange bikes


We rode Sunday in gusty winds, the twisty roads here make some open corners interesting on the Orange bikes

We had a lot of little dry leaves north of Peel on 125.
Debbie liked it because when I kicked up the leaves she said it looked like she was riding through hundreds of butterflies.
1st pic, somewhere in the Sonoran desert, Az.
2nd picture, top of Mt. Evans, Colorado [ 14,200 ]


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Checking out the Hi viz lime green Carhartt mesh shirts in low light before the sun climbs over the mountain peaks


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We haven't been to Petit Jean in a long time. I remember it having a few switchbacks that get your attention.
That's going to be a nice local playground for you two.

35 miles from house, Mt Magazine 30 the other direction. I’m still not believing this is going to be a daily choice soon. Weird riding the S after the KTM the last few trips.
Yes, several roads near Petit Jean have some pay attention corners :laugh

Mondays spin, got all the goody out of this back tire and was glad to get home with no issues… glad I had another option yesterday :whistle