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Post A Picture of Your Thumper

Just joined — got my first motorcycle (a TW200) in September and then picked up this G650GS a few weeks ago. Absolutely loving it!
Another beautiful day to explore. Went 6.5mi down a forest service road I hadn’t been on before and turned around due to time — looking forward to returning and doing the whole thing sometime!
2022 G310GS Rallye at Point White, Nova Scotia

At Point White, Nova Scotia, during a 7,101 mile ride from NC to MO to NS to NC.

My two singles

560cc and 52hp between them. Almost identical in wheelbase and weight, both terrific on the back roads.


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Halloween Treat from old Missouri Drive In theater

While riding earlier this month from Denver to Chattanooga I passed this Drive-In relic with a fantastic double feature.

Be well, ride safely.