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New member
I picked up a 2016 Bronze C 650 GT with 1930 miles over the weekend. I purchased from a nice gentleman who's health won't allow him to ride anymore.

Purchase bike in Pittsburgh and rode it home to Ada, MI - 420 miles. Did 150 miles on Saturday, 280 yesterday. Not as smooth as my 2013 Triumph Trophy and had a bit more buffeting (but not bad), but that is to be expected. It did accomplish my goal in purchasing the bike - for the first time in years, I was able to ride a long distance and not get sore. On my Trophy, after a ride like that my knees would be swollen and my lower back sore.
Congrats on the new to you scooter:thumb

We saw one fly past us going the other direction and did a double take...mini RT fairing. Glad it's working on the aches and pains for you.
Post a picture sometime in the thread at top.