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MOA Getaway - Sugar Bush, Warren, Vermont -- September 17-19, 2021

YAY! I’m really looking forward to this event.

If anyone wants to ask me about the area, talk about routes and just pick my brain about Vermont Riding, reply or send me a private message and I’m happy to help.

The charter club for Vermont is located at https://bmwmov.club/ (I’m really proud of our brand new website) and a few of the members of that club are going to help me out with some routes and such. I’m looking forward to welcoming MOA members to Warren in September.
Hi everyone. MOA Member Jeff and I today started our first of three scouting rides for this getaway. Jeff has come up with three really good concepts all starting at Sugarbush and varying levels of difficulty, fun, sweepers, 2-up riding and my favorite, a "Bread & Beer" ride that goes past the best Vermont bakeries & breweries for about a 3 hour ride so you can get up, have a delicious pastry, head out and be back mid-afternoon for tea.

I'm working on some other connectors to some existing fun off-road rides for those who want to challenge themselves. Here's a taste:




YEP! We're doing 3 routes at least and this one has 5 covered bridges, one floating bridge, a lot of well packed dirt roads and some nice views of the mountains.

The members will enjoy all the old covered bridges still in service in that area.
We like the historic little towns and old country stores.
Swiftwater NH
60 miles east of Warren, Vt.


Good water hole for cooling off.

Woodsville NH
55 miles east of Warren
You can no longer drive across this one. Never heard why it was taken out of service.
It appears to be in good condition.


If you like to look at historic buildings and homes, Woodstock is a good place to walk around.
50 miles south of Warren.
Woodstock, Vt (2).JPG

Woodstock, Vt (1).JPG

Woodstock, Vt (4).JPG
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Ausable Chasm NY, 60 miles NW of Warren when you take the Essex NY ferry across Lake Champlain.

Ausable Chasm.JPG
Got the MOA email No one answering at Resort.......

and the resort website doesn't even let me check availability of rooms for the year 2021, let alone the event dates! I'll try again tomorrow and update. IDK...
resort info

I called and called with no luck. I ended up calling the BMWMOA and they have a different number and when I called, they picked right up. It seems the resort where we are staying is only opened for special events during the off winter times and only on weekends. I'm sorry I don't have the number any longer, but try the MOA, they will give you an accurate number.