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Los Seis Hombres head to Baja!

After the night in a luxury condo at Puerto Penasco the remaining four Amigos were up early and ready to hit the road. Kick stands were up slightly before 0730, gas tanks were filled, A quick stop was made for mixed goat and beef quesadillas, we cleared Puerto Penasco just before 0830.

An uneventful ride North to Sonoyta ensued. We stopped briefly and converted all remaining pesos into dollars then proceeded directly to the border. Crossing was easy, no line, three open lanes.
Once back in Estados Unidos we pressed on to Why, AZ for a quick break, A drink, some reminiscing, and some goodbyes as Mark and Frank headed East towards Tucson while Kevin and I headed for SkooterG's Phoenix abode. We hit a little traffic once on I-10 but stopped for a sandwich and let the traffic dissipate. Once back on the road we had clear sailing to SkooterG's and arrived about 1500.


While Kevin attended to loading the trailer I rode to a car wash and rinsed some of the grime from the Gray Ghost II. A little over 3,000 miles in thirteen days, not a lot of miles per day but a lot of smiles per mile!


Can't wait to go again, we are already looking at 2024.