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Kisan Customer Service


New member
My Signal Minder was damaged upon instalation and I was told when I called that the tech was on vacation, the reason for my having to wait a longer time that reasonable.

When I was forwarded to the manager and told him the story and how a number of BMW people told me about installing it backwads, he laughed at me and called me an idiot for installing it backwards that I couldn't even line up the pins. I was warned by 5 MOA'ers that this was a possibility that the instructions don't adquately cover.

When I commented on the instructions, he bereated me, called me an idiot and a SOB. When I asked for a refund he said he would like not to and dared me to take him to court.

This is the second time I have had a problem with a Kisan product (Tail Blazer) and had unsatisfactory customer service. I blew off the TailBlazer repair and bought another product for 1/2 the price.

I hope none of you goes through this with them because this is not anyway to treat a customer.
That is really bad customer service to say the least. I guess they want to get OUT of business?? :dunno
So much for these guys.
he called you an SOB for commenting on inadequate directions????

that seems a bit much............
Seems odd to me, I called because I had an older model but new instructions and the did not match. I was on hold for 10 minutes but then all went well and I felt the overall service was more than satisfactory considering I had a piece they did not even make any more. (I had bought the singnal minder at a close out/ open box day.)

Good grief!

I have never had bad relations from Kisan. But I have not tried the Tail Blazer, only the headlight modulator.
In the front of the ON magazine is the contact info for Paul Johnson who is the Consumer Liaison. I would contact him first and give him a chance to help you. He is a BMWMOA volunteer that will get you on the right road. But his basic role is that he will work to resolve issues between a member and an advertiser in the ON. Might not hurt to let him know.
paulsibek said:
...the manager...laughed at me and called me an idiot...he bereated me, called me an idiot and a SOB...dared me to take him to court...

This is incredible. What else happened?

That's it

The whole story.

I work in a very customer oriented company. We sell ethics and compliance solutions to companies that value their reputations. In business and life all I ever ask and expect is to be dealt with fairly.

In the past (and up until now) when I owned a small software company, the rule was that while the customer was NOT always right, they deserved respect and the best customer service we could give them. OK we did laugh at a few AFTER we got off the phone, but people learn differently and some could not get the written instructions to install etc. so we would always walk them through the installation process or a feature they didn't get.

This has been a really weird week for customer service. A (1) Krauser saddle bag dissapeared off my /5 while a contractor was working on my house, he did a lousy dirty job of installing a really nice and trick garage door and I chose not to say anything. I cleaned up the mess including 10+ screws I found on my driveway and decided that the aggravation wasn't worth it. I was selling the bike anyway and ate the one less sadlebag.

The irony is that I WANT the Signal Minder and will go through a dealer now.
In Fariness

I bought one from Cycle Gadgets and after it was installed I have to say this is a great product.

Not only to the turn signals stay lit, when you press and hold a turn signal switch it flashes really fast for about 5 flashes and then settles into a regular flash. Nice.

Also, you don't have to press the turn signal cancel switch on the right controls, simply re press the signal it off it goes, Nice. Lots more to rave about.

Too bad this Andy, customer service guy, is such a jerk.
paulsibek said:
...Too bad this Andy, customer service guy, is such a jerk. I ride BMW's because the bikes, and the people fit my lifestyle. Besides they are real easy to clean.
Now I think I understand. You didn't offer to clean Andy, did you?