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KI1600 GTL Cruise Control Issue


New member
I bought my K1600 GTL new in 2012 and have had intermittent failures of cruise control ever since. I use cruise control ALOT locally because of my right hand problems, and rarely have it fail, however once I'm on a longer trip, cruise control becomes flakey. I've had this evaluated at the Dealer, but they can't find anything that would cause intermittent failures of cruise control. Anyone else having the same issue??? Any ideas???
Has your left hand control switch been replaced? There was a recall a few years back to replace the switch/cluster. Dealer should be able to check that out.When I had my 2013 GTL it happened to lt.
Yes, Similar Issue

2016 RT. Cruise control works fine for miles and then drops out. Dealer does not know. I have swapped all bar switch clusters, left and right, as well as the throttle and the issue persists. Have also flushed and re flushed the ABS module. Replaced clutch switch. No luck. Frustrating.