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Just Ridin' Pictures


New member
Got a favorite shot or favorite place -- or maybe just something interesting you captured while ridin' -- whether it's a grand vista or just some favorite bend in the road -- let's see them.

Florida's A1A on a gorgeous fall day in November riding a rented HD Street Glide....somewhere between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine.


Riding the Ormond Beach scenic loop following a couple of side cars -- one with a rather large passenger -- a Great Dane......

Me and offroad:)

The GSA loves my "rock", well above my home in the high Sierra's of CA...This is a 45 degree+ climb, descent on granite, etc for miles of this stuff:). Its high, above 9000', Florence Lake,CA in Summer only. This same place has 25-30 feet of snow in Winter! Our water source all Summer:). GSA1200 is almost hidden on the rock, but I'm there:)....Happy Trails, Randy"Polarbear":usa


  • Trip to Florence 030.jpg
    Trip to Florence 030.jpg
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Another, bit closer:)

Same rock....I camp just below all this beauty in the pine forest. Climb'in the rock is a little spooky at first, but it comes along easier with practice and NO falls. Fall on this and you break things quickly, as granite has NO forgiveness...The GSA1200 is like a tank on bare rock, loves it and just climbs and climbs away:)NO knobbies...:usa


  • Trip to Florence 033.jpg
    Trip to Florence 033.jpg
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We're sticking this thread so folks can post pictures of ridin' or just ridin'

Let's get it going!

Your Mod Team

PS - Picture must be of or from bikes in motion
Us Sunday trying to beat the cold front...and we usually are not side by side...I had to catch up to shoot this


  • Valentines Day together.jpg
    Valentines Day together.jpg
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Some of my favorite subject screensaver shots...the bikes are nice too!:dance






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supposed to be "riding/moving" pics:whistle

or we could start a " Just Parked" thread! :laugh:laugh:laugh

just bustin your chops this AM:wave
Following a riding buddy aboard his 900ss while riding my old Ducati en route to Monarch Pass:

At the top of Monarch Pass:
We're sticking this thread so folks can post pictures of ridin' or just ridin'

Let's get it going!

Your Mod Team

PS - Picture must be of or from bikes in motion

Didn't see this before I posted yesterday...sorry. I deleted the posts.