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Iceland motorcycle rental

Good day,

I lived in Iceland a decade ago and it's a great place to ride. I did not use this company as I had my own KTM at the time, but they were well regarded.
When will you be in Iceland? I plan to visit myself in November and have thought about renting a cycle while there.


Be well, ride safely.
Wow...those rentals are really expensive, especially compared to what I saw on the site linked in Morocco


Good day,

Enjoy Iceland; it a stunning and fascinating country buy yes, EVERYTHING is quite expensive in Iceland, so be prepared.

Be well, ride safey.

July 2022 - tour

I was stationed at the NATO Base for 18 months in the early 70's and though I had a good idea what Iceland was like as we did a lot of day travel from the base in Kef. In 2022 with my coast guard son we did a tour. The following link will tell the story, what I found out is I had seen almost nothing, but to be fair many of the roads were not build yet in the 70's and the base had a policy about driving through rivers and such.
Pictures and Text from our trip: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JL3E46syTcP4Vx8g8


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