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High Mileage Front Tire Suggestion


Looking for recommendations for a high mileage 120/70-19 tire for front of my GSA rig. Durability is my primary concern.
In a street tire, I have had the best mileage from the Metzeler ME880 in 120/70-19VB, a belted bias-ply tire. Unfortunately, they seem to be NLA and have been replaced with the 880 series, which is a radial IIRC. Still a high-mileage compound, tho, and what I will be trying next on my sidecar rig.

In an ADV tire I’d recommend the Dunlop Trailmax Mission, based not on any sidecar use but on the two I’ve run on my R12GS—this second front will likely go at least 11k miles or more. I had 6500 miles on the one I removed before going to SA and it still had 60% tread left. It is a bias ply tire and I’ve always preferred a bias tire on the front of my sidebar rig. The TM tires do sing a bit, tho.

Try the Continental Trail Attack 3. I got over 16,000 miles out of that one but right now I think the Dunlop TrailMax Mission will beat my current champion.