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GPS for a 2020 R1250 GS


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Just purchased a2020 R1250GS without the OEM GPS prep although it has the cross bar.
Looking for GPS suggestions.IMG_0410.jpeg
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Much depends upon how you plan to use the bike and gps. Some options:

1. Buy and install the nav prep and a Nav VI. Pros: fully integrates with bike and wonderwheel. Cons: Screen issues (“ghosting”) unless you get a Nav VI with the new capacitive-touch screen. Also $$$

2. Buy/install Nav Prep, then buy the BMW Connected Ride Navigator. Pros: Latest/newest direction BMW is going with GPS, fits the Nav Prep so can retrofit to bikes that already have Nav Prep. Cons: $$$$ and definitely not yet a finished or polished implementation. And did I mention $$$$?

3. Buy and install on the crossbar a Garmin Zumo XT or XT2 (primarily street use) or Garmin Tread (street & offroad maps/routing). Pros: latest technology and screens, much more affordable than Nav Prep + Nav VI. Cons,: no wonderwheel integration.

Those are just three of the many options available; there are countless others, including rally-style units that are much more geared to offroad use. Again, a lot depends upon the intended use of bike & hps.

Did the bike come with Nav Prep and the previous owner removed the cradle ?