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First ride -- 2018 C650GT


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I took the first ride on my new (to me) 2018 C650GT. It has 4.9K miles. First off I need to tell you how I ride and why this post here may not have the info that potential buyers are looking for. I ride for fun and only short rides, rarely more than 60 miles and most times only 40 miles. I'm retired and I ride 4 mornings a week, every week of the year. I never ride in the rain or other inclement weather -- been there, done that, in my 50+ years of riding the 58 motorcycles that I have owned. I currently have 8 bikes, well . . . 7 bikes and a scooter. I'm not going to use this scooter for commuting or for long trips. Also been there, done that, with the long trips.

The scooter is comfortable and easy to drive. I think that should go without saying, but, well . . . I said it. It feels lighter than it is (575 lbs) due to the very low COG. It effortlessly takes off and cruises easily at 70 mph on the 4-mile stretch of interstate that is part of my loop rides. I got it up to 80 mph once and it felt like there was some left -- not much -- but some. My feeling is that it would do the ton flat out, but not much more. The mirrors are WONDERFUL. They equal the best mirrors of some of my motorcycles. Clear at all speeds -- no vibes. The dials, especially the speedo is easy to see, even in the sun. The handling is very good -- this old rider will not be able to tap it's potential. The suspension absorbs bumps as well as most of the bikes I've had -- not as good as some but also better than some. My 2004 H-D Sportster XL1200R comes to mind as the worst suspension on any motorcycle that I've ever owned. And, of course, the suspension on the C650GT is not as good as a real sport bike.

I wish it had an engine temp gauge (water temp) instead of the idiot light.

Here' a pic in front of my house:


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Nice! Hope it works out for you :thumb
I no longer make predictions on when I will sell a motorcycle. Too often I have said those words "I'm never gonna sell this bike" and two months later, it's gone. The longest I've kept a bike is 11 years and the shortest is 2 months.

I like it, for now. It's definitely different. :dance
which one did you keep for 11 years?
2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200R. I can't give you a real good reason for keeping it so long (for me). I sometimes wonder myself. I think it was basically the looks, reliability, and very easy to do regular maintenance. Because it didn't handle that well, only had adequate power, and even though it was the first of the rubber-mounted Sportsters, it still vibrated the handlebars and pegs a bit. I guess it was my "old school" bike.

I've had 58 motorcycles in my 50+ years of riding. Mostly Japanese. Others were German, American, and Italian. Of the American bikes, I've had 5 Harleys and 1 Buell.

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