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European MC day at Larz Anderson in Boston[ish]

Happy to share, was a nice event... perhaps a little bigger turnout than last year?

I attended as far back as the early 2ks when I was still a Ducati person... wish these events still drew like they used to...

Younger folks just not as involved? The aforementioned Tutto Italiano car event WAS pretty packed this year and has been of late.

NEDOC apparently shutting down. YB avg age has to be above 60.

Curious where this kind of social scene will evolve...

Indeed. It's an issue for clubs of all kinds.

Younger folks don't seem to want to join clubs unless there's an activity to take part in. The BMW Club of NorCal has been successful in pushing their average age down, so it can be done, but old dudes having breakfast isn't attractive to folks that grew up with forums and the internet to make connections. Activities, however, are attractive.

Over in car land, "Cars and Coffee" events are super popular, bringing all manner of enthusiasts together once a month in a pretty casual way. I think there's space for something similar with bikes. In San Francisco, they run Bike Social night in the city once a month and it attracts all manner of interesting rides and riders. I think there's a space for a Beans and Bikes kind of morning event, but I'm too distracted with recently having moved and setting up to retire to do much to push that idea forward.

In the spring, I think I'm going to try and set up a meet at a local coffee joint on like the second Sunday of the month at one of the local coffee joints - an independent, I'm thinking.

You're all invited, of course. :D