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Edelweiss bike tours - New Zealand - Looking for riders who have make this tour

New Zealand Tour | CNS2302 - 18.11.2023 - 25.11.2023 (North Island Extension) I did the Iceland Tour in July of 2022 and had a blast, I have since signed up for the 21 day NZ tour in November 2023. I would like to get some insight into the tour and some suggestions on what gear to take in NZ that time of year for a ride of this type.

New Zealand, also known as the “Paradise Down Under”, offers everything you could possibly look for in a holiday destination: mountains and glaciers, wild coasts and long sandy beaches, a rainforest and hot springs. It is home to an interesting indigenous culture and to the friendliest people you can imagine. New Zealand is heaven for motorcyclists, because the roads are beautiful, well-maintained, and mostly empty.

This motorcycle tour will introduce you to all the major highlights of New Zealand: the Sky Tower in Auckland, the hot springs in Rotorua, the Art Deco district in Napier, museums, the most beautiful corners in Wellington, the ferry-cruise across Cook Strait, the spectacular Queen Charlotte Drive, the wild West Coast, the rainforest and the glaciers which run through it, the amazingly beautiful Milford Sound and the breath-taking view to Mount Cook, New Zealand‘s highest mountain.

You want to stay longer? The tour extension starting in Auckland will take you further North up to Cape Reinga and from there back to Auckland.
Screenshot 2022-09-20 165211.jpg
I did it in 2004 ... Loved it!

Curious that they never mention Mirror Lake - that's one of those places they put into calendars! Well worth the extra time it requires. Ditto a bungy jump!

DEPEND on it raining at Milford Sound, it's dry only a couple of days a year.
Voni and I toured the North and South Islands with Fred Rau, Ted Simon, and John Rains' Te Waipounamu Motorcycle Tours Ltd a few years ago. The weather was mostly pleasant but the tour (and yours) will include the coasts and well as the more inland mountains. Thus you will see considerable temperature spreads. We did not bring electric jacket liners but would/will if/when we go back. Speeds are generally low by US standards with speed limits of 80 kph or 90 kph for most rural roads. We had been told to expect rain. We actually only had significant rain one day but it was real rain so good rain gear is a must.

You need to check with the tour company well in advance regarding bike equipment - including luggage. By that I mean will there be saddle bags on the bike(s)? Will there be a a tank bag or the ability to bring and attach one? The answers will dictate whether you should bring a water proof tail bag for that heated gear and rain gear and other assorted sundries such as snacks and my ever-present Thermos of coffee :). Also inquire whether there will be a GPS, or whether you can mount one if you bring it and the wiring harness. Also, inquire whether or not the waypoints (coordinates) for the overnight stops can/will be provided. These waypoints loaded into my GPS made our trip immensely more enjoyable because we had the freedom to strike out on our own, exploring things we found on the map or guidebook without feeling we needed to stay with a group. We knew we could always find the hotel on our own.

We had a great experience. I hope these tips are helpful.
Yes, absolutely bring rain and heated gear!

While the speed limits are lower than what we are accustomed to here, the police seemed to be generally laid back, as long as you weren't being reckless or endangering anybody else. The bike I was on had Pirelli Diablos on it, so combined with the rough surface there, one officer had just cause to waggle his finger at me...