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Bought one S1000RR


New member
Turning 65 I decided I needed a new bike. Bought a 2020 S1000RR. Incredible bike! I now have a 2000 K1200RS with low mileage (couldn’t resist deal) and a 2007 R1200S (still love the boxers). M package of course.


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I have an older, '03 Yamaha R1. It is a blast to ride. I can feel the brain cells leaving my head when I hammer the throttle. I would love to take a new 1000 cc sport bike out for a run, but I am afraid I would end up in a mental ward afterwards! They are just stupid fast. Pretty sure the 205 HP of the S1000RR would mess me up badly!:rofl
New S1000RR

I bought it in Jacksonville, Fl and drove it to Naples, Fl. About 380 miles. As it is the seat is only comfy for 80 miles, going to have Sargent reform it. I hit the rev limiter a few times (125 mph) that is there until 600 mile check. This bike handles better than my 2007 R1200S which is saying something. If you don’t mind speeding tickets, this is the bike to get. Absolutely stable in the 100s which is where I was for 90% of the trip. Make sure you get the M package, it’s worth it.
New S1000RR

800 miles so far, just removed rev limiter with a GS-911. Haven’t ridden it yet, I’ll post my experience at 150.
I can feel the brain cells leaving my head when I hammer the throttle.:rofl

I have a 2010 highly modified bike. I punched it pretty hard at a stop light once and had to wait for my soul to catch up with brain. This is definitely a terminal bike in the wrong hands. Remember, your peripheral vision will start to constrict at around 150 for many people. The longer you stay there, the more likely it is to happen. The brain can't handle the speed of information coming into the visual system, so it reduces input by blurring images and narrowing the visual field. Racing drivers and riders adapt over time. Be cautious when you get into the mid or upper triple digits if unexperienced. Visual processing can be a hindrance.
Sweet! I test rode one at the MOA rally last year, loved the motor but my body wouldn't do the ergos for long.
Rear brake drag

When I put my RR on a race stand the rear wheel is hard to turn due to brake drag. Any adjustment possible, what is correct?IMG_8970.jpgIMG_8970.jpg