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Barber Vintage Festival?

Anyone on here going? Oct 7-8-9 Birmingham AL. It's sponsored by BMW Motorrad this year. I'm 125 miles away which is close enough to ride back home each day so i'm planning on maybe taking the Beemer one day and my Harley XR1200 the next.
Cannot make it this year, I hope that BMW took my suggestion to do Saturday night sprint races on pit road... :burnout

I mean, they do it in Europe, why not here?

I'll be there, and I believe the BMW Demo Truck will be there, too! The official scoop from Motorrad says there will be "models from the BMW Line-up, including the R18 models"
We’ll be there again up in Lot D with the North AL Vintage M/C Club. :dance

2021 was our baptism into the Vintagefest. Pre††y much overwhelming. :brow

Be there or be square! Serious bikers should visit once in their lifetimes... :drink

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
USN-Ret'd —--&-— USAF-Ret’d

'09 F650GS-twin - '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
’08 CRF230L —--— ’09 KLX250S
'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L


We’ll be camping up on the top of the hill taken from a swap-meet overflow parking lot.

Guess i'll have to be missing this one. I was really looking forward to going but i had some unexpected cardiac problems and don't need to get too far from home until i see the cardiologist.
Live to ride another day! Good luck with the Cardo. It's a bit nerve-wracking until you know the cause/cure.
M-Fest in Lebanon this year, but I saw a bunch of Beemers headed south towards Leeds on my way up today. I thought… my people my tribe! We all waved. It was good to see a lot of groups on the road.

Speaking of bikes on the road: I was doing 84ish and got passed by a sport bike easily doing 150 in traffic, possibly more, my eye isn’t calibrated for that kind of speed. I’ve never seen a bike on public roads go that fast… ever.
Ah well hope everyone had a good time at the Barber Festival this weekend. Maybe the cardiologist can repair whatever is wrong and i can make it next year. I'm long out of warranty.
Absolutely perfect weather. I didn't get out of the museum all weekend (I'm a museum volunteer), so didn't get to wander the swap meet or kick tires at the demo trucks. Both BMW and Indian (maybe others -- don't know) had large fleets of new bikes for demo-ing. I did have the chance to talk with one of the BMW reps, and he told me that they had almost the whole line-up available for demo rides (including an RT).

If you were there and didn't have a good time, I don't believe there is any hope for you!
Team-HSV spent three fun filled comfortable days at Barbers’ Motorsports Race course in Leeds {very “COOL” nights in the sleeping bags this year}! There are two giant separated areas to Buy and Sell every sort of vintage parts & motorcycles. Our HSV buddy even bought a nice, operating, right-hand drive 3-cyl Japanese pick-up truck that he drove home. Come visit Alabama sometime cause there are some interesting sites to see. &#55357;&#56397; <<< https://www.barbermuseum.org/monthly-events/ >>>

One can even drink & dance under a genuine Saturn V rocket in the summertime {which we did 3 weeks ago, at the Davidson Space & Rocket Museum off I-565}.

The Lady of the Lake; foot path from the ring-road to the “Fan Zone” [food, vendors, and the Wall of Death].
Mr Barber has procured many many art works of all variety and positioned them throughout the race facility!


Note the rusty steel Buffalos in the interior of the Race Course, as another example. Neat art pieces when U spot them...

At the end of the long path through the fan zone... :yum

One olde Slash-3 rolling by our upper camping area (overlooking the “upper swap meet in Lot D”].

One beautifully updated-rebuilt Slash-2 in the lower swap meet area (across from the Lady of the Lake).

A Sunday morning view of the upper swap meet area as we walked down to catch the closest Tram.
The trams circulate frequently around the entire race course with 8 stops for folks to jump on & off.


We’re off on another CoddiWomple sojourn in just a wee bit.... &#55356;&#57293;

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
USN-Ret'd —--&-— USAF-Ret’d

'09 F650GS-twin - '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
’08 CRF230L —--— ’09 KLX250S
'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L


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