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Airhead parts - Re-psycle status?

Adding more to the title...

In the January 2024 Airmail, things did not look good for anyone stepping up to take over the store. I'm sure there was a lot of inventory and it has to go somewhere if no one comes forward. I can't imagine they can stay there long paying bills, etc., if there's no money coming in the door.

Maybe give them a call or drop an email...let us know what you find out.
A buddy of mine lives a couple of miles from the Re-Psycle BMW business location in Lithopolis, Ohio. This weekend he indicated that Mark Sidle (the owner) did not find a purchaser for everything. Thus, items are being auctioned in lots. I have seen stuff on ebay. I don't know the particulars; one might be able to leave a message or send an email and eventually get a response. I understand that age and health issues are a contributing factor to the business closing.

Below is the webpage message -

UPDATE 4.15.24 Important Announcement - Re-Psycle BMW Parts Closure and Business Sale / Liquidation

Dear Valued Friends and Supporters,

After 46 wonderful years, Re-Psycle BMW Parts has closed its doors for the last time on December 29, 2023. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your unwavering support since 1977. WE NO LONGER HAVE WALK IN SALES.

We will continue selling in-stock New and Used BMW Parts and BMW Motorcycles, BY APPOINTMENT, VIA EMAIL, AND ON EbAY FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS, through June.

Business Sale: Our business is now up for sale, either in its entirety at our current location, which includes the building and property, or for relocation. As we have not yet received a suitable offer for the entire business, we are now open to liquidating our extensive inventory of 1955 to 2010 BMW motorcycles and motorcycle parts to a wholesale buyer, in large negotiated lots.

Available Items: Additionally, we have a range of shop fixtures, factory BMW tools, equipment, BMW printed materials, manuals, promotional items, and display materials available. A significant selection of display and storage shelving will also be offered as a single lot.

For Parts Requests contact Tony at bmwparts@re-psycle.com. - For Inquires about BMWs for sale, and for more information on buying the entire business, or just inventory lots, please contact Mark at mark@re-psycle.com .

Once again, thank you for being a part of our journey.

Warm regards,

Mark Sidle

Re-Psycle BMW Parts Team

Re-Psycle BMW PARTS Auction / Closure and Business Sale / Liquidation.

LAST CHANCE for DEALERS and Individuals to Make

Business Sale includes all Parts Inventory and property. During the months of May and June we
will begin the liquidating process of our extensive inventory of 1955 to 2010 BMW parts, accessories and BMW motorcycles in large, negotiated lots to Dealers and individuals.

June 30,2024 will be the last day for normal individual sales.

After that, all transactions will be Auction Only.

In July, we will begin an online, NO RESERVE, absolute auction, in small lots, until all Parts inventory is sold. For further details and inquiries, contact Mark Sidle mark@re-psycle.com
Or visit www.re-psycle.com