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2024 Redmond Rally trip

Posting here to get the attention of other Ontario riders who might be considering the trip.

A friend an I are booked to leave the 8th and cover the approximately 40 hours of driving from the Greater Toronto area to Redmond. That is about a 8 hour per day commitment to driving.

From there I am planning on continuing south and he will return to his working life. I don't have one of those anymore.

I'm expecting my trip to be about 3 weeks minimum.

Any interest on making adding Ontario members to the ride?

You can pick me up in West Michigan

Depending on route, I can link up in a number of different locations. Are you thinking of taking Highway 2 across the US, or staying mostly in Canada?
I am in Chicago and considering riding to visit a friend in Bozeman then the rally. I would be interesting in joining a group headed out west of course depending where the meet up point would be.