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2015 K1600gtl question on rear dampening


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The bike has esa, but it also has a black cylinder at left side seat that can be adjusted manually.

With esa, does the manual cylinder described need to be set in a certain way for esa to work properly [ through the electronics ]. If it needs to be adjusted for esa to work properly, what's the setting I'd turn it to?

I'm not familiar with this manual setting device for rear suspension with an esa system.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the bike this next week, and reading the manual, the above was a little confusing to me.

Thanks in advance, btw, it's got 35K on it, runs like a top, just went through it's 36K service.
Hola Brownie!

I don’t have an answer to your query {but I look forward to the answer to your question.}

FWIW, I just hope your new Beemer has received the authentic 36K service (because these bikes get $$$ service every 18K).

Of course the cheapest thing on any BMW is the NUT holding the handlebars... :brow

Hope U enjoy your GTL as much as I like my GT. :thumb

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Have some fun getting to know your newest Beemer this summer [Spring arrives in only 2 weeks]!

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
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It's possible that the bike you are considering may not have the optional ESA. The owner's manual (available here) shows on page 73 that the standard manual preload adjuster is on the left side.

Another possibility is that the ESA shock was replaced with an aftermarket shock with manual preload adjustment. Damping may or may not be electrically adjustable, depending on the shock. The spring may also have been changed to better suit a rider who did not weigh BMW's "standard" 170 pounds.

Ask the seller.