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2004 R1150RS Front strut


Active member
Front strut rebuildable? I believe it is OEM. Or any after-market struts fit ?


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If you're talking the shock absorber, yes, there are firms that will rebuild it for you. Or you could opt for an Ohlins, Hagon, etc.
I was reminded by a friend that I bought his Ohlins off of his R1150RS years ago and put them on mine. Front strut on bottom has a "foam" type of material. I can see it through the spring. Its disentrigrated and broken apart. Anybody know what it is.


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One of my rides is a ‘00 R1100RS with 120K. Two years ago ordered and installed a new set of Wilbers. The difference was night and day. The price was well worth it. Ready for another 100K. Good luck with your project.
Actually Ted Porter's Beemershop. Front struts on any telelever front end applies very little demand on the front strut, so you can just buy an emulsion shock design and not the remote reservoir ones you would need for the rear. IMHO