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2004 R1150RS, 47k Fuel tank nutplates


Active member
Cross threaded at RH fairing screw, first screw in front attaching to tank. I assume there is a nutplate there. Is that open to the tank and will that leak fuel now? Are these nutplates repairable?
Can't speak for the front one, but on my '04 RS, the rear-most one on the right side of the tank got cross-threaded sometime along the way...
No fuel leak, and I believe that would be true for the rest of them - otherwise they'd all eventually leak.
I tried using a bottom tap (a tap with a flat bottom instead of tapered), but the threads were so short I couldn't chase them.
Side note - on my present RT, the same right rear nut is showing signs of age; I have to use the shortest possible screw there. Grrr.
There has to be a better way of attaching those fairings. IT is a jigsaw puzzle trying to get them on. I have an anxiety attack when it is time to put them on for fear of exactly what happened.
I find a punch with almost the diameter of the bolt and make sure that the tank is aligned exactly with the hole before trying the bolt. Then HAND tighten the bolt before applying socket or wrench. But I agree - anxiety inducing time.
I am told by a reliable source that the nutplates are NOT open to fuel and therefore will "not" leak. Famous last words :)
I'd really like to see a cut-away as to what it looks like in there. Some day...
Not a cutaway view, but maybe try a mirror inside and a flashlight?

If they were exposed to fuel, they'd eventually corrode as the alloy metal reacts to the fuel.