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oxygen sensor

  1. A

    O2 sensor replacement?

    Hi guys, I had my '01 R1100R in for some check up work this past week and when I picked it up yesterday I was told that the O2 sensor caused a code to trip that it needed to be reset. The guy said he reset it 3 times and it still comes back with the code showing something wrong. My question is...
  2. M

    2004 1150RS ~47k - rough running

    2004 1150RS ~47k not starting Good afternoon everyone, Went out to breakfast a couple of Saturdays ago and 45 minutes into the ride my bike started to buck like bronco buck on a horse. I back off the the throttle and then back on and it bucked even worse. Myself and friend turned around to go...
  3. happy wanderer

    How to test R1100RT O2 sensor !

    Rather than hijack WalkingEagle's valve lash thread which has swerved into other issues affecting surge on 1100 engines I thought I would ask this question here in another thread instead. It seems like all R259 engine performance threads lead into the dreaded surge one way or another. There is...